First Presbyterian Church, Roanoke
Tuesday, October 06, 2015

denominational issues

In the Session’s November 19th letter to you (click here to read), we informed you that in December we would begin posting information about denominational issues on our website. We are encouraging you to do your homework, to research the issues to better decide if they are concerns for you.
In our letter we said, “After our extensive review of 80 years worth of denominational words and actions, we asked ourselves the following question; ‘Do we as Session believe the concerns with the PCUSA are serious enough that we must bring them in a thoughtful and comprehensive way to our congregation?’ Session unanimously decided they were that serious.” Now you must begin the process of deciding how serious they are for you.
Our letter referenced six core beliefs affirmed at First Presbyterian. That’s a good starting point. The best summary of those beliefs comes from the office of the San Diego Presbytery. To view this document go to  Focus on pages 9 through 15. Since the PCUSA as a body has affirmed no essential tenets of belief, your research might test to what extent the words and actions of PCUSA leadership have affirmed the core beliefs we hold here at First Pres.
To aid you in your general research – but by no means to limit you – we have offered a number of websites you may want to visit. You will find others. If these sites raise questions, please email them to us at We will respond promptly.
If you don’t read anything else
• The PCUSA 2012: How we got “here”:
• The PCUSA and the Five Solas of the Reformation:
• Presbyterian Panel, the research arm of the PCUSA on what PCUSA pastors and elders believe:
• One church’s review of the issues – First Presbyterian Church, Omak, WA:
Scripture on staying vs leaving
• Wrestling in Scripture with staying or leaving the PCUSA:

If your browser does not go to some of these websites by simply clicking on the link, you may have to copy and paste the link into your browser.
It was our intention to include the websites of churches who have gone through the discernment process and, at the end of that process, decided to remain in the PCUSA. There must be some but we have not yet been able to find them. If you know of some, please let us know and we will include linkage to their websites.
These pages have been created to share information with you about the issues that concern us. It is by no means comprehensive. It is intended to begin the dialogue. As our conversations raise frequent questions, we will begin posting them to this website under a FAQ section. It is our intention to provide easy access to information for you according to your needs. This information is not put forth to accuse or “point a finger” at anyone but to declare our hearts passion for living in obedience to Holy Scripture as the word of God.